Even if you are not a couch potato, you spent a lot of time on your sofa. Sometimes, the pets also like resting among the cushions and it is needless to say that the sofa needs some brushing afterwards. There are several ways to clean this piece of furniture and they generally depend on whether you have a leather or fabric couch.

How to clean your fabric couch

The first thing you need to do is check what fabric is your sofa made of, so that you know what materials and detergents you can use to clean it. There is usually a label with symbols that show whether you can use water or solvents to remove stains from it. The marking hoes like this:

  • “W” stands for – use only water or water-based cleaning detergents
  • “S” stands for – use only dry-cleaning solvents
  • “WS” is a combination of the above and means that you can use both water and detergents
  • “O” stands for organic materials, so use only cold water
  • “X” means that neither, water nor any detergent can be used with this fabric, so you can only brush or vacuum your sofa

It is always a good idea to hire a professional like Monster Cleaning Wembley to deep-clean your furniture but it is highly recommended if you find the last two symbols on the label of your favourite sofa. If you want to fresh up your couch by yourself it is a mast that you start by brushing or vacuuming it, since this will remove all bigger particles. Than you can use a white cloth with water or detergent – depending on the type of fabric – and wipe it well. Leave it to dry before you start using it. A clever trick to get rid of nasty smells, even from cigarettes, is to sprinkle the sofa with backing soda and leave it for couple of hours to do its trick. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. If you spill any liquid on your couch you should blot it and not wipe it.

How to keep leather sofas looking good

If you love leather-covered furniture, you know that it is more difficult to maintain its immaculate look and when it comes to unpleasant odors, such as from smoking, even a professional cleaning might not get rid of that. However, there are also some tricks to “pamper” your leather sofa. You can use a home-made solution that will condition the leather and leave it shiny. Mix one part white vinegar with two parts flax oil or linseed. Take a clean towel – try to use white ones for lighter leather and dark ones for black leather to avoid coloring of the sofa surface – and rub the solution into the couch. Leave it to work for 7-8 hours or overnight and then buff the sofa with a clean rug to make it shiny.

There are, of course, some tips that you can follow regardless of the type of sofas you have. Like – keep the sofas away from direct sunlight to avoid fading of the colour, vacuum-clean them once a week and use a professional cleaning service at least once a year and if you have pillows or cushions try to rotate them regularly so that they will wear evenly.